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                About us
                Position:Home>About us  

                Zhejiang JiangShan Power Transformer Co., Ltd (JSPT) was established in 1997. Formerly known as Jiangshan Power Transformer Factory, our company is conveniently located beside the Zhe-Gan Railway and the State expressway.
                       Our company covers an area of 75,600 m2, including a constructed area of 38,700 m2. Engineering staff make up 20% of the total 212 employees. The company is installed with complete production and testing equipment to ensure product quality. Annual manufacture capacity is over 3,000 MVA.
                        We offer a wide variety of high-quality electrical transformers. Models include: 10 kV S11 distribution transformers, 20 kV S11 (9) distribution transformers, 35 kV oil-filled transformer, D9 single-phase transformers, SC(B) 9 (10) cast resin transformers, SGB10 dry-type transformers, SH 15 amorphous core transformers, ZS 11 rectifier transformers, KS 11(9) arc furnace transformers and etc.
                       The products of our company are among the first to be certified by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) and state grid corporation of China. The products are enlisted in The Directory of Recommended Manufacturers for Rural and Urban Power Grid Upgrading. Our factories are ISO-9001 certified and are strictly following all IEC, IEEE, and other international design standards.
                       Today JSPT is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers in the field of small-and-medium size transformers. JSPT is committed to providing the state-of–the-art engineering performance to customers. JSPT will continue to work upon its core value to be even more customer-oriented and make JSPT the best transformer manufacturer to power the world.